What is your cuisine?

We are a traditional-modern Japanese restaurant where we highly value each ingredient. Our chef, Hiroki Ishikava, has over 30 years of experience in sushi preparation. In addition to sushi, we offer both cold and hot appetizers, characteristic Japanese noodle soups, warm main dishes, and desserts inspired by our pastry tradition, each boasting a Japanese touch. We always strive to cater to vegetarian and vegan guests.

I have a reservation and I'm running late?

If you notice that you won’t arrive at the restaurant on time, please call us or send us a message so that we can still provide you with an authentic Japanese experience despite the delay.

I have an allergy, and I'm not sure what I can eat?

Regardless of allergies, we always make an effort to find a suitable meal for every guest. We recommend specifying your allergies in the notes field during the reservation. This way, we will be better prepared and can find an appropriate solution.

Do you have a high chair for children?

We do not have high chairs in our restaurant.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a leash to avoid disturbing other visitors.

Where can I park?

The nearest parking options include the garage under the Congress Square, Križanke parking, Tivoli parking, the parking lot at the train station, and the streets in the city center in the blue zone.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all types of credit cards except American Express and Diners Club.

Where is the restaurant located?

Sushimama restaurant is located at Wolfova ulica 12, just a few steps away from Preseren Square in the center of Ljubljana.

Is a reservation necessary?

A reservation for Sushimama restaurant is not mandatory, but we recommend making one, as we are often fully booked after 18:30h. Therefore, a reservation is highly recommended.

How can I cancel a reservation?

You can cancel a reservation one day before your planned visit to the restaurant. You can do this online, where the cancellation option is available in the confirmation email. Alternatively, you can cancel the reservation for free by calling us at least 2 hours before your arrival. More information about the reservation cancellation process is available below, where the procedure is described in detail.

How can I make a reservation?

We only accept reservations through the online platform.

What should I pay attention to when making a reservation online?

Most errors occur in the following steps, so please pay attention.

  • Be sure to choose where you want to sit “inside” or “outside” during the summer season. We try to monitor the weather, and very rarely, in case of rain, we may not find space inside the restaurant. However, we cannot guarantee indoor seating with 100% certainty.
postopek odpovedi rezervacije
  • When entering your phone number, be careful, and choose the correct country by clicking on the flag before the number and enter the number in the same small window.
postopek odpovedi rezervacije
  • When entering the postal code, click precisely on the box labeled “postal code.”

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  • Check that you have selected the correct date, and if you have any notes, enter them in the “add others notes to the restaurant” field.
  • You do not need to check the first checkbox unless you want to receive news about our reservation system.
  • Check the second checkbox if you agree to the terms we set as a restaurant. We emphasize that our website is extremely secure, with the most advanced security mechanisms. We use a reservation system used by the best restaurants worldwide. The reservation requires double verification, meaning we ensure the security of your data.
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  • When entering your credit card information, be careful to enter the correct details. It is important to note that we will not perform any transactions; the amount deducted from your account will be €0. The entry of the card is necessary so that we can ensure the seriousness of your reservation.

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  • After entering the card and double verification, you will receive a confirmation of the successful entry of the card and an SMS about the successful transaction. The most common mistake is that after entering the card, you do not visit our website and do not confirm the reservation on our website. You must always receive confirmation via SMS and email of a successful reservation. If you do NOT receive these confirmations, the reservation was not successfully made.

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  • If you want to cancel a reservation online, you can do so by clicking on the “cancel booking” link in the confirmation email. Then follow the instructions to confirm the cancellation.

postopek odpovedi rezervacije
  • After confirmation, you will receive confirmation of cancellation via SMS and email.

  • Please note that it is possible to cancel a reservation without cost up to 24 hours before the planned arrival. If you want to cancel the reservation later, you can call us at (040702070) or email us at (

Business hours:

Monday – Saturday: 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM

Sunday and holidays: Closed.